My name is Marla Newman and I have been a real estate professional for nearly 22 years. I'm incredibly proud to say that during my career, I've served thousands of families and closed over 500 million in real estate transactions; that equates to more than 2000 homes in Clay and St. Johns County alone! My stats and history are indicative of a skilled real estate professional, but what's much more significant than numbers is my desire to go above and beyond to provide YOU with unmatched service. While the real estate market may be more complex than one would hope, helping you achieve your goals is a fundamental part of my job. I am fully committed to providing you with excellent service, professional knowledge and sound advice before, during and after the purchase or sale of your home. I am proud to say that I am not only dedicated to my customers during the process, but that I maintain customer relationships for years after the transaction is complete. I am grateful that over 95% of my business comes from former customers referring me to their family, friends and neighbors. It's a wonderful testament to the pillars of my business and the priorities of my company! I'm thrilled you found me and I look forward to building a relationship with you built on mutual trust and respect. Let me know how I can help, and I will do much more than is required to facilitate your needs in real estate.